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Specialized solutions in design, construction and management of biogas plants adapted to the poultry industry.

Turn waste into energy for all

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We are a technology company that provides sustainable solutions for the management of industrial agricultural waste.

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Agricultural industry
waste plants

Our solution for this type of waste reduces water consumption by more
than 50% since it includes the integration of a stripping unit in the proposed process.

This unit automatically removes nitrogen by reducing its concentrations, thus generating fertilizers with a high concentration of nutrients that can be easily transported.

This Stripping technology was initially implemented in Europe and Africa,
currently we have brand exclusivity to be applied in Latin America
starting with El Salvador.

Plant construction video

We have determined the minimum potential that exists in Latin America for the production of Biogas, using waste from the poultry industry and the combination of our technologies.


Turn waste into energy for all

The ABT solution

  • We have exclusive European technologies for the management of waste from the poultry industry.
  • We have experience in Latin America with the management of poultry waste typical of the region.
  • Our solution reduces water consumption by up to 60%.
  • We produce high quality fertilizers, reducing operating costs.
  • We use the experience of 15 years in the sector.
solucion tradicional
Usual process: 

Nitrogen dilution with water. The typical raw material: poultry manure, chicken manure, etc. High nitrogen content inhibits methane production.

abt biogas solution for poultry industry
ABT solution: 

The combination of biogas plants with the ByoFlex® system recover nitrogen and generate high quality fertilizers.

Key component of the circular economy in the poultry industry

– Tailor made solution for poultry industry

– Cover up to 100% of energy consumption


– Production of high-quality fertilizer

Solución ABT